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Premiere Consultation

Personal and thoughtful service from start to finish. That is our commitment to you. Our expert staff will research your market, visit your property, and take the time to explain what needs to be done to sell your property quickly and for the greatest potential profit

Service Summary

What's Included?

The Benefits

  1. In-person consultation
  2. Over the phone Q & A with an Expert Home Stager
  3. E-mail consultation for 30 days
  4. Open house preparation guide
  5. Detailed recommendations from an Expert & Certified Stager
  6. Room-by-room walk-through consultation
  7. Written Report
Our expert staging team visits your property to conduct an in-person 2 Hour assessment. We identify the key areas of your property that need attention in order to attract buyers and entice offers. A written report to follow via email (with in 24hrs).

After our in-person consultation, we will also prepare a preliminary budget for different staging options and a free quotation for the complete staging service.
Your in-person consultation will let you know what buyers see and feel when they walk into your property. This lets you know exactly which aspects of your property are unappealing to buyers.
Knowing what you must change in order to attract buyers and entice offers is only half the battle. The other half is knowing how to do it, and what budget is required / appropriate.
Our Pricing
Home Staging Consultation
All of our services start with an in-depth 8-step staging consultation. The Consultation consists of a Verbal assessment of property while on site including recommendations such as paint color, lighting and household repairs. A written 21-page report to follow via email (with in 24hrs) Along with a proposel if further staging is needed. Let our expert eyes help you maximize your properties potential